Toys With Your Partner

My partner and I spend a lot of time apart. I have been wondering if we should start to use remote control sex toys to make our relationship more exciting. The thing is that I feel rather guilty about us. When my partner is out of town, I spend my time dating London escorts. It was something that I started doing long before I met her. But, since I have known her, I have started to see more of London escorts. The problem is that I miss her so much when she is away, and I also feel frustrated.

I keep on wondering if she feels as frustrated as I do when we are apart. Okay, I have got the girls at London escorts to keep me company and they are beautiful companions, but what has she got. I suppose that dating London escorts is not really the ideal relationship solution when it comes down it. After all, if she found out that I was dating escorts in London while she is out of town, I guess that she would not be too happy about it.

My girlfriend has never said that she feels frustrated when she is away from me. However, when she comes back to London, our relationship is indeed very special. I love spending time with her and she is a passionate woman. Is she more passionate than the girls I date at London escorts? In a nutshell, she is more passionate than any of the London escorts that I have ever met in my life, and I love every moment that I spend with this deeply passionate woman. She gives me so much more than any of the girls at London escorts.

But, I would like to be with her all of the time, and not have to resort to dating London escorts when she is away. I don’t do how she feels about me, but I would like to have the guts to ask her. How does she cope with her frustrations when she is not with me? Maybe she is one of these girls who pack a vibrator in her beauty bag when she goes away? I have a feeling that she has hidden depths, and I am longing for the day when we can spend some more time together so that I can explore her needs.

Is she as sexy as the girls I date at London escorts? In many ways, she is even sexier than the girls I date at London escorts. She looks at me with those deep blue eyes of her which just seem to say “ravage me”. That one look has made me ravish her more than once, and she has loved every moment. But, who ravishes her when I am not with her? Surely she needs someone to satisfy her needs as much as I do need someone to satisfy mine. Maybe remote sex toys could bridge that gap until we are together all of the time? I think that we should give it a try..

A night of passion

Well, I am not sure a night of passion is the best way to describe it, says Shalima from mature escorts girls. A few years ago, I had this really hot American boyfriend who was working in London for a little while. I had been trying to get him into bed for ages, but it is was more or less impossible. Like one of the other girls at the London escorts service that I work for said: ” He was too much of a gent” to just jump on your bones.” To be honest, that is a really good way to describe Tom.

Tom knew that I worked for mature escorts girls but he never seemed to have had a problem with that at all. Instead, he was really accepting of me and my lifestyle. I loved him to bits, and it broke my heart when he left for the US. All of the other girls at the London escorts service that I worked for also loved him too bits, and I had did not want to let go of this rather wonderful guy. But, getting Tom into bed was not very easy, and I thought that I knew all of the tricks of the trade so to speak.

In the end, I had to go to extremes, and when I did get this guy into bed, he was totally amazing. One Sunday morning, he had arranged for us to go to some sort of crazy American breakfast party in an other part of London. Like the girls back at London escorts know, I am not the best early riser, and I had told Tom that as well. Anyway, I had decided that this was the morning I was finally get Tom into bed, and I had even planned it with my friends at London escorts.

When Tom knocked on my door that morning, I told him that I had got up early, had a shower and stuff like that, but I had fallen asleep when I was putting my body lotion on. Of course, it wasn’t true at all. It was all planned down to the body lotion by my bedside. I answered the door to Tom wearing a short nightie but no knickers, and I pretended to be all sleepy. He was a bit unsure but int the end his hands did disappear up my nightie. It was a beautiful moment, and I could tell that he was turned on.

We ended up in bed together, and like I said to the girls back at mature escorts girls afterwards, there was no way I was going to let this guy get away from me. We made love passionately, and I had two wonderful orgasms one after the other. It was a great experience, and I will never forget that Sunday morning with Tom. The only problem was that he was recalled to the States two days later, and our night a passion ended up being a morning of passion. Still, like I told the girls at London escorts, I will never forget it.