What To Do After A One Night Stand

Nothing can give one greater pleasure than anticipating sex with a new partner. With the growth of online dating and other social platforms, it looks like the number of people having a one night stands will continue to rise; but the question most people ask is what to do when the sun comes up! Here are a few suggestions as to how one should handle this kind of situation.

A kiss should seal the deal

Since it’s possible that this is the last time the two of you will ever see each other or even talk, getting one last kiss is always the best way to seal the deal. If you don’t regret the shag, make the kiss count. If your partner is asleep and you don’t feel like waking him up, leave a thank-you note with a kiss print on it.

Set your alarm

This goes to ladies; when you want to avoid the awkward morning-after, it is always advisable to set the alarm, and get up and out before he does. If you are comfortable enough to face him then seal the moment by preparing some breakfast. And don’t forget to say goodbye.

Clear the room

If you went with anything that night make sure you don’t leave it behind. If applicable, straighten your side of bed, pick up your water bottle and don’t leave any trace of you behind. However, if you wish to see your partner again then leaving something behind is a great excuse to give them a call.


Forget that “walk of shame” business; behave like the king or queen that you are and take your time before leaving. Make sure you look presentable when you leave the place. You wouldn’t want to scare anyone or make it obvious to the neighbors that are a one night stand. So wash your face, re-apply your make-up, smell nice and take your properties with you.

Keep quiet

When sneaking out of the house, you should try and keep it low. If you decide to tell your friends about what happened last night, you should try and be a lady about it. Don’t reveal too much about the experience; it’s no one’s business but yours.

Do not apologize

If things move faster than you expected, you should always go with the flow. They say in love and war nothing is unfair. If you feel like you don’t want to do something then learn to say no. That way you will never feel guilty for any reason